Understanding the Paranormal from a Biblical Perspective
Deception by Design


Neal Sibley author photo

Neal Sibley’s belief that ghosts and related paranormal activities are exclusively demonic climaxed with his own face-to-face encounter. But his most shocking revelation was yet to come, when other Christians began confiding in him about their true hauntings. Most suffered terribly because they were deceived into believing the spiritual entities they had encountered were the ghostly spirits of the dead. As a consequence, they never invoked their authority in Christ to expel the demon spirits tormenting them.

In an effort to counter this prevailing ignorance, Sibley has invested over two decades into researching the full gamut of the paranormal – from hauntings to aliens. His conclusive findings expose the phenomena’s demonic underpinnings and its enchanting falsehoods.

Sibley graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. and M.S. in Agriculture Business, and he lives in the east Tennessee area with his family of K-9s.